Be Open For Business 24/7/365 with a Street View Trusted Virtual Tour

Choosing the right restaurant, cafe or hotel is often tough. With the Google Street View | Trusted program, you can build trust with a high-quality virtual tour that lets people experience your location before they arrive. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective guests and patrons.

Engage Customers With an Interactive Virtual Tour

Engaging customers is critical to any business’ success, and a Google Street View virtual tour can help accomplish that. When you have just seconds to engage mobile searchers, you need to make a lasting first impression. By enabling these searchers to virtually walk through your business right from Google, you can stand out from others and encourage an in-person visit.

Why have a Street View virtual tour?

Showcase Your Location

A Street View virtual tour enables prospective customers to see and experience the atmosphere, the “feel”, of your location – something still photos cannot provide.

Set Yourself Apart

Web users want to see your business, and they want virtual tours. You can stand out from your competition with a 360 degree virtual tour on Google Maps and Google Search.

Inspire Greater Confidence

Prospective customers can be more confident in visiting a business with photos and a virtual tour since they have already experienced it on Google.

Get Noticed on Google

Businesses with high-quality photos and a virtual tour can rank higher on Google Search and Google Maps, resulting in greater visibility and interest through these platforms.

How It Works

See inside with Google Street View:


Small Business

$299one-time fee
  • Perfect for Small Offices, Restaurants, and Retail Spaces
  • Embed codes to put your Street View virtual tour on your website
  • “Step inside with Google Street View” sticker
  • Retain ownership rights to all media produced


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  • For Large Enterprises and Venues
  • Custom Hosted Tour with Add-ons
  • Advanced Tour Insights & Analytics
  • Retain ownership rights to all media produced

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your business is on Google Maps, you can have a Street View virtual tour! If you wish to retain ownership rights of the virtual tour, you will need a verified Google My Business listing.
Yes. Once the shoot is complete, your business will be granted complete ownership rights to the virtual tour and photos. The virtual tour will be transferred to your verified Google My Business account for full control.
Businesses with high-quality photos and a virtual tour by a Street View | Trusted photographer can rank higher on Google Maps and Google Search results, as opposed to a regular business listing with amateur cell phone photos. As a result of the increased interest generated by the virtual tour, your listing will achieve greater visibility on Google Maps and Search platforms.
No. Once uploaded, your Street View virtual tour is hosted for free on Google indefinitely.
Yes. Once the virtual tour is published, you will receive a document containing the embed codes for your website. These embed codes also can be obtained at any time through Google Maps according to Google’s support documentation.
On the day of the shoot, it is best to ensure your business is clean and organized. The ultimate goal of the virtual tour is to give prospective customers an experience similar to an on-site visit.
Off-peak business hours are the best time to capture the virtual tour. While customers can be present during the shoot, it is best to schedule a time where as few customers as possible are present.